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Mr. Watergate: True Story of Frank Wills

Mr. Wills, a 24-year-old security guard at the Watergate office building in Washington DC, was working the midnight shift on June 17, 1972. While discovering tape over a lock on a basement door. Mr Wills life changed forever, from bringing down one of the most powerful men in office as a hero, to losing everything in that same moment.


After being dumped, and feeling mounting pressure to be married, a doctor hires an actor to pose as her boyfriend at her family's Lunar New Year celebration. Sarah, a career-oriented doctor, has reached her 30's without managing to bring someone home to meet her family. While it was acceptable in her 20's, now that she's in her 30's, the pressure she faces from her family is unbearable. After they find out that Sarah is dating a lawyer, Sarah is forced to bring him to their annual Lunar New Years celebration - except he dumps her before she even gets the chance to ask. With the Lunar New Year just a few weeks away, Sarah decides to hire Felix, an out-of-work actor, to play the perfect Chinese boyfriend to bring home to her famly instead. But the more time they spend together, the more they realize what was meant to be just a role is staring to feel surprisingly real.

Animation Project: Waves

Against the wishes of her father, a young penguin sets out to become the first female penguin to ever win her island’s massive surfing competition.

Filmed Live Concert Event: Celebrating Jazz Icon Mel Tormé

“Songs Of My Father”…Will give the audience a rare peak through the musical lens, presented in a timeline documentary - style that dramatized the formation and success of Mel Torme’s life, and musical career, with songs that will include “Comin Home Baby”, “Blue Moon”, “Strangers In The Night”, and “The Christmas Song”, to name a few.


It will be a loving salute to Mel Tormé and his contemporaries. Telling their dad’s musical story through artist’s whom he and his music has inspired.

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